Heating Your Home In South Florida

During those chilly months in South Florida, our phones ring off the hook with questions on the best way to heat your home during those cold days or weeks. We’ve compiled the details that outline the most popular options that should help you understand your options.

The best heating system for a Florida home always depends on how cold it gets and your ideal indoor temperature when it gets cold outside. Although we don’t expect deep cold during the winters in Southwest Florida, we still need to have heating systems ready to help when the weather turns cool.


Here is a overview of some possible systems.


Heat Pumps

Heat pumps have become increasingly popular with homeowners in Sarasota and across Florida. Despite the name, heat pumps actually provide both heating and cooling in a home. During Florida’s hot and humid months, a heat pump runs in reverse removing moisture while cooling your home, just like an air conditioner.

Heat pumps can be used in homes and offices with or without ducts. Heat pumps are considered more efficient than other types of heating and cooling systems.

Gas Furnace

Gas furnaces are less versatile than heat pumps as they only provide heating and not cooling. However, natural gas furnaces can heat a home more quickly than other types of heaters, and they deliver air that can be 25 degrees warmer than air circulated by electric heaters. There are even features that newer gas furnaces offer which can improve heating efficiency. Look for gas furnaces that include electronic spark ignitions, which limit fuel waste while recapturing a percentage of heat from water vapor.

Electric Heater

Electric heating and cooling systems are very popular in Florida as a large percentage of homes are built with central air access. Electric forced air heaters generate heat via heating elements, or high­resistance wires. A fan or blower then distributes the heated air through the ductwork and vents in your home.


The way you choose to heat your home can be an important step in homeownership. The opportunity to choose the type of heating system gives you full control of the convenience and cost of heating your home.

Some areas of the state of Florida can have chilly days or cold spells. So, whether or not a heat pump makes sense all comes down to whether you like to use the heat a lot during cold snaps. If so, a heat pump might be worth considering. Call the professionals at Quality Control Air to learn more about our custom-tailored options that will best fit your home and need.