Is It Time To Schedule Air Duct Cleaning?

Are you considering air duct cleaning in the Sarasota or Southwest Florida area but you’re not sure if it’s right for you? Does the cost of duct cleaning seem like a major investment and one you’re not sure will pay off for you and your family? If you have asthma or allergies in your home, contact your doctor to find out if duct cleaning might help you feel better. We can remove dust and other common allergens that like to collect in your ducts. This stops them from getting blown around your entire home every time you use your system.

If duct cleaning isn’t enough our duct sealing services help promote a cleaner system while also making it more energy-efficient. This process will do even more to protect the air you breathe and pay for every day!


Pests in your ducts can cause all sorts of problems. After all, who wants to breathe in mouse poop with every breath? If you’ve had pest problems at home, call to get your ducts cleaned soon. We’ll get rid of what they left behind and can make sure the pests stay out, with an air tight system too!

Overall, duct cleaning is one way to clean the air that you breathe every day. When used with other solutions, like UV lights or special air filters, air duct cleaning helps make sure you’re breathing the best air in your home.


If you are looking to get the most of your Florida home, call our team at Quality Control Air for an air duct cleaning or duct sealing appointment. Feel free to ask questions, we’re here to work with you to get the answers you need so you can choose the best solutions for you and your home.